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Problems with broadband extender 1000s paired with extender 600s

Hi all,

I recently purchased a pair of BT broadband extender flex 1000 units to expand my home network. I already have a 600 wi-fi home hotspot plus and a 600 flex.

Both the 600 units have been working fine for years now; reasonable speeds typically around that provided by the router and a stable connection with no drop outs or slowdowns. The new 1000 flex units however, are causing me problems.

First off the small issue, both the 1000 units make a high pitched noise when powered, this then changes audibly when data is being transferred (when the Ethernet light is flickering). This I could put up with if they worked consistently, which brings me on to the main issue.

If I use a 1000 (I've tried both) near the router and a 600 anywhere else, the wired download speed I get from the 600 is intermittent dropping to as low as 1.5Mbps and then up 15Mbps. I’ve never had this issue with the 600s together. And if I use a 600 near the router and a 1000 anywhere else, the maximum speed I can get is about 5/6Mbps. Both tests were done across the same plugs so the speeds can be compared.

Am I missing something or are these new units just not working in my house? I’ve read the 1000 unit can be more susceptible to electronic noise from other devices so I’ve tried switching off everything I can think of but that hasn’t helped. Both the 600 and 1000 should be AV500 compatible so they should work together.

Many thanks.

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Re: Problems with broadband extender 1000s paired with extender 600s

Are you trying to run two networks simultaneously? if so that's the problem.

You should only have one PLA connected to the router. If you want to add more then you have to do it by following the instructions in the manual to either expand your network or add extra adaptors to your existing network (depending on how it's worded)

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Re: Problems with broadband extender 1000s paired with extender 600s

Hi Les,

No that’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to expand the network using one adapter near the router and then up to three adapters paired to the first (main) unit. 

At the minute though, I’m having problems just using two adapters. It seems to be a compatibility issue between the 1000 units and the 600 units.

To clarify, if I use a 1000 as the main unit and a 1000 paired else where in the house, it’s fine. If I use a 600 and a 600, it’s also fine. My issue comes when I try to either use a 1000 near the router and a 600 elsewhere or vice versa ( I am running the pairing process as per the user guide when changing the units). I’ve also tried a factory reset (reset button 1 sec or if no reset button, hold the link button for 15 secs) this has also not improved things. 

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Re: Problems with broadband extender 1000s paired with extender 600s

Hmm, I've just done quick search on here and the findings weren't encouraging, it looks as if this user couldn't even get two pairs of the 1000 's to work together.

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