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Problems with getting atmos from Netflix through BT box

I am having no luck getting access to Netflix atmos via the BT box. I have an LG65CX  tv linked to a Sonos Arc. I get perfect Atmos when playing Atmos content from an Atmos BluRay disc  so the problem cannot be due my setup. Netflix is set up for high quality audio. When I access Netflix films through BT box App that have Atmos content there is no indication that the films have Atmos content on the film description (only 5.1 appears) HOWEVER, when I go into Netflix DIRECT (I.e. not going through the BT box the film does show the Atmos icon and when playing the film it is transmitting Atmos signal. Question is - why are Netflix Atmos  films not available through the BT box Netflix App? Thanks for any help.

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