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Random dropping internet for some devices

I have 6 devices hooked up to my older BT router. Just about every day, and more than once per day, one or more of my devices will be disconnected - random devices - I cannot re-establish connection without rebooting my router and sometimes more than 1 reboot. Everything worked fine until about a month ago. I don't understand what is causing the problem and it's very very frustrating.

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Re: Random dropping internet for some devices

you need to try and avoid constant rebooting of the hub as that will have a detrimental affect on your connection speed.  is it just wifi devices or also devices connected with ethernet?

have you tried 1 factory reset of hub by pressing recessed button on back and holding 20/30 secs until lights flash?

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Re: Random dropping internet for some devices

Thanks - I've tried the factory reset  and all  looks good - at the moment. It's a home hub 5 router. I'll wait and see if the problem recurs.

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Re: Random dropping internet for some devices

All my devices are wifi

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