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Re: BT hub 6 - devices keep dropping out of connection.

We have very similar problems  with wife's laptop continually dropping out but had an incredibly knowledgeable guy from OpenReach come out and he used a magic box of tricks  which determined that REIN was a problem. As it turned out, I was using an external hard drive which had a built in transformer and this tiny thing was broadcasting interference so strongly he could detect it on his cab radio 20 metres away.  I unplugged it and the interference stopped. You can test it with a radio tuned in to the frequency suggested in the article below. It cured the problems on my desktop but sadly wife's laptop is still suffering.


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Re: BT hub 6 - devices keep dropping out of connection.

Hi @Jerrymjj and welcome to the community.

Thanks for posting. I've moved your post as it was on an older thread but I've linked back it the original for you. It's great to hear the engineer was able to sort your problem out. If your wifes laptop is still dropping the connection have you tried anything to resolve that i.e. changing wireless channels etc?



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Re: BT hub 6 - devices keep dropping out of connection.

We have the latest BT hub and I understand that that changes channels automatically to get the optimum signal?  I really have run out of ideas.  We had  system that worked perfectly with NowTV, switched to BT a month ago to take advantage of their greater infrastructure and have nothing but problems ever since.  BT and Openreach have been brilliant but have concluded that the problem must be with us as we have broadband in the house. Surely one broadband signal is the same as another? I have to reset the network on my  ethernet connected Windows 10 desktop PC after every shut down or I can only reach some but not all web sites. I cannot get to BBC or BT for instance!

I've tried everything including using signal boosters, even plugging wife's laptop into a Powerline output to give her an ethernet connection but again could only reach some sites. It constantly drops out on wifi, every few minutes and is driving us both mad.  I have disabled Smart setup on the router, reset it a thousand times and disabled the laptop's wifi card's ability to be shut down as a power saving feature.  We don't have parental controls on and I disabled her laptop's wifi card and tried a USB one instead with no success. If you have any more ideas what I might try, I'd be hugely grateful to hear them. 

Many thanks


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Re: BT hub 6 - devices keep dropping out of connection.

if you have the SH2 then you cannot split the networks but I would select the channels manually instead of auto.  use a wifi analyser on your phone and see what networks are round about you and the channels in use and then select a free channel or a channel where your hub network appears the strongest

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