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Re: Blocking a spam Domain

My gmail emails were also not getting through to my btinternet account. Yesterday I spoke to a BT advisor who, although sorting it out, did not once mention this is a common fault. When I looked into the list of block senders I found was blocked. Removing it from the list solved the problem. I was advised NOT to block  sender or domain in attempting to block spam, simply to click spam. Strangely, my G mail linked bt.account doesn't not suffer from spam. Come on BT sort out your own shortcomings.

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Re: Blocking a spam Domain

If you block a domain it will block everything from that domain and that includes the gmail domain,

If you check the headers of the spam emails you were receiving you will probably find that they have been using a gamail domain account and spoofed it to appear to have come from a different domain so as to get around people blocking the domain.

If you are going to try and block either the sender or the domain you must fist establish what is the correct name for the sender and or the correct domain.

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Re: Blocking a spam Domain

Thanks for that. Can you also tell me how to remove the "Rules change Banner" which pops up every time I open BTmail now?
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Re: Blocking a spam Domain

I have no idea what banner you are referring to. Can you post a screen shot of it. 

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Re: Blocking a spam Domain

Now, every time I open BT mail I have this banner above my Inbox on a yellow background:


The Rules for your incoming email messages were changed on Fri Nov 19 2021 09:46:06. To change these go to Settings>Mail>Rules or for help visit


I cannot find a way to stop this appearing.



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Re: Blocking a spam Domain

I don't use webmail, but I tested a rule a few days ago and kept getting the same thing. Had a look just now and it has disappeared, don't know how long it took to go though.

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Re: Blocking a spam Domain

I seem to recall that there was going to be a change so that when you set up a rule you would get notification that a new rule had been set up.

This was to alert the account holder that a rule had been set up per chance the account had been compromised and a hacker had set up a rule such as to forward emails to another email address.


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Re: Blocking a spam Domain

Further to my last post. It is an update to notify the account holder that a rule has been set up.

If auto-forward is switched on, BT will display a banner on webmail.  User can dismiss the banner by clicking the cross, if they don't dismiss the banner then it will automatically disappear after 5 minutes.

When you next login the banner will re-appear so any hackers can’t just dismiss the banner.  BT will continue to display it for a few days after the auto-forward is switched on.

A similar banner will also be displayed if a new rule or auto-reply is set up.

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Re: Blocking a spam Domain

Thanks all. Just wish BT could be clearer in their actions. Hopefully the banner will disappear soon and BT finally devise a decent spam filter.  If Gmail can do it why not BT!? 


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