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Re: Bt Whole Home Network map

I have installed a whole home network and I am having problems making it map as a mesh. Initially it mapped in a line from the device connected to the router and my furthest device kept showing a week signal(amber light). After a power outage the system reset as a mesh the furthest unit taking its signal from a much closer unit and it worked very well for a couple of months. Yesterday for no reason it reverted to its previous configuration all devices connected directly to the unit connected to the router. I have restarted the network and the device that is dropping out but it still reconnects to the master. Is there a way to manually map the net work or am I stuck with this problem?

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Re: Bt Whole Home Network map

I don't believe there is a way to set up the topology yourself. I have actually seen it change when looking at the map.

Mine is currently insane, going miles in one direction and then back again. But I don't expect it will be the same this evening. I wonder if it changes depending on the number of devices connected to each one.

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Re: Bt Whole Home Network map

Thanks bobdanbh. I take your point, the nearer unit is in the front room so in the evening it can take over 20 users with the lights phones and central heating but now it only has 9. The offending repeater has 3 devices hanging off it and is showing yellow but still has not switched back from the utility room hub which is were the router is. Thanks for your response I just hope BT will eventually pick up on the problem and update the software. Just as a note, a reset will correct things but lasts for less than a day.

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