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Re: Building Can Get Fibre But some Flats Can't?

Hi I have a similar problem to that previously mentioned on this forum previously in that some flats (there are only eight flats in my 1960s purpose built block in Islington)  can get fibre broadband but others cannot. The Openreach site says fibre to the cabinet is coming soon but I know that it is already available for 5 of the 8 flats and definitely installed and working in at least one of my neighbours flats just not mine!

Maybe I have an exchange only line or maybe something else needs correcting. I have no connection at present at all but the previous occupants did have a live line with non fibre internet up to August this year.

Any help gratefully received. (apologies for posting this twice but the first time I did so only as a guest)

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Re: Building Can Get Fibre But some Flats Can't?

As you don't have a phone line then try your address. Not as accurate but good guide

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Re: Building Can Get Fibre But some Flats Can't?

Many thanks but as I do not have a line I did enter my address into the Openreach checker and also into several of the providers websites and get the same response ie Fibre not available yet most of my neighbours can get fibre and they are feet away from me in the same block.

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