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Re: Connect to different cabinet

I have assumed that the line is still in use, I think @iniltous  has assumed that it is not in use.

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Re: Connect to different cabinet

If you wanted to explore the possibility of a fibre leased line, there are obviously things to check, the DCB in the photo presumably isn’t in your property , but in a linked business part of the same building, it may not be of any direct use to you as access to it would be needed to install a leased line to your part of the building , and if it ever went faulty , access may be needed to it, but will access always be available ? so what are the  current arrangements , how come you were able to take a picture of it ?, I guess it’s not a simple as a flat above a shop.

The DCB is probably fed from somewhere relatively close by, if you ordered service, chances are your service wouldn’t come from the DCB in the photo but from the same Ethernet node that DCB in the photo is served from, this could be 10’s or 100’s of metres away, possibly further....a survey would establish that.

As a domestic user , approaching a business seller of Ethernet leased lines , they may need you to pay upfront for a survey , after all if they ask OR to do a survey and estimate costs, timescales etc, the Ethernet seller may want you to pay something upfront , as it’s likely that when the costs are known , you may pull out, but they may still have to pay OR for the ‘survey’

As far as what company’s ‘sell’ Openreach leased line, I guess you would have to search on line, but they tend to target  businesses that want , and can afford , these type of services...typically banks, data centres , call centres etc, multi nationals, or business where connectivity is essential and cannot be lost  ( leased lines come with stringent penalties if they go down for more than a short period ) and although some smaller enterprises have them too ( in fact they are cheaper than they used to be ) that’s relative , instead of 10’s of thousands per year, them may now be 1k per year, it’s not normally a ‘one man band’ type business that use these because of the costs/contract lengths etc.