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Re: Replace BT Smart Hub 2

I am in my 4th BT Smart Hub 2. Every single one of them drops WiFi  connections to devices, unrecognises passwords, drops broadband, plus dozens of other glitches like being incompatible with Sky Q and my Bose sound system.

I put a cheap TP link router in to set up a dedicated network for my Sky Q system and the daily full system restarts that could take an hour, on my Sky system have not been needed since after nearly a year.

My devices, including discs, continue to drop connections in the meantime.

The BT smart hub 2 is not fit for purpose.

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Re: Replace BT Smart Hub 2

I am starting to feel this way. I have had the Smart hub 2 since November 20 and at first all way great. It resolved the issue with the SKY Q mesh interfering with the wifi network. But since around April 21 things have been going wrong. I noticed at first that whilst everything was fine my Echo Dot would not switch off my lights (connected by smart plugs). I upgraded to Echo Show so as to be able to have Video calls with family, show my internet cameras onscreen etc. None of this has been able to happen. 

Things not working.

1) unable to drop in on Echo Show from IOS app.

2) unable to communicate between the Echo Show and echo dot.

3) Unable to make announcements to the Echo devices.

4) Ring (owned by Amazon) now will not show live view either on Ring app or Echo Show.

5) Switch lights from Echo Show very erratic as to whether it will work.

6) Echo Show shows orange bar (network issue) randomly.

If I switch of the 5ghz network this makes no difference. Smart is off on Router.

The only way i can get some of the features working on the Echo Show is to place it in the DMZ of the router. Then things work but it has a detrimental affect on other apps. Facetime poor, Disney Streaming poor etc.

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Re: Replace BT Smart Hub 2

I switched to BT from VM last October and opted for Fibre 2 whole home WiFi.  Best move I ever made, everything just works, but no Amazon junk here - just computers, phones, a printer, a NAS and a smart TV.  Maybe once a week my laptop can't connect to the PC upstairs and I have to soft reboot the SH2 but that's about it.  Perhaps many of these reported problems  aren't down to SH2 at all.  My 2p.

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