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Receiving International Calls Suddenly Stopped

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Approximately 6 weeks ago International incoming calls into my mobile (BT Mobile) suddenly stopped. Caller reported the calls were ringing out their end but no pick up. The calls were not ringing out my end. Caller tried landline with same results. I reported fault, initially told there was no reason for this and pointed issue to callers provider. This seemed unlikely as both my mobile and landline were affected (different technologies). Subsequently I was told there were blocks in one BT system, they were unable to confirm the origin of this block, they removed the block in the system and assured me this would fix the issue, however it did not.

I was then told it was a data integrity issue in 2 systems which they fixed and they were unable to test an international call as they are UK based, however if I made an international call it would prove the fix and issue would be with callers connection. I could make an International call, however I could still not receive International calls. 

Friends from 3 different countries Africa / Asia have all tried calling me on both my BT Mobile and landline numbers, and the same thing happened, calls ring out their end, the calls were not ringing out or registering on my phone.

BT Mobile Networks have investigated and confirm no blocks and the calls are not entering the BT Mobile Network, they have closed the fault and advise there is no more they can do, I have to ask the callers of all 3 countries to go to their providers and ask them to trace the routing of the calls. This seems to me that it is unlikely to be an issue with 3 different providers in 3 different countries, and it points to an issue within BT's systems, maybe a block that is hidden within a system which the block indicators that BT Mobile are checking are not capturing, however BT Mobile say they are unable to fault further.

The landline Tech Support Team explored my theory that the origin of the issues was a system issue, they discovered something was wrong in a system and yesterday afternoon 15/09 raised it for investigation into Openreach

A friend in Asia called me early this morning, the call was registered on my landline phone, so looks like the issue has been resolved there, however no call was registered on my mobile phone. The friend is contacting their provider to trace the routing of the mobile call as requested by BT Mobile, I am awaiting the outcome. BT Mobile have closed both the fault and complaint.

Please can anyone tell me if anything similar to this has happened to them, if so what was the root cause of their issue, what triggered it and what was done to resolve the issue please? Who did they go to in BT to get the fault resolved? BT High Level Complaints / BT Chairmans Office. How do I go about raising the fault into these BT departments? What is the current process? Has anyone any experience in raising complaints to Ofcom or the Ombudsman?

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Re: Receiving International Calls Suddenly Stopped

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Solved but unable to confirm why. BT Mobile at Warrington have been fantastic. I received International calls yesterday on both my landline (call protect issue) solved by Lnadline Networks Technician and on my mobile. The cause of the mobile issue preventing incoming international calls is an enigma. If the same is happening to you try removing all blocks on all incoming numbers, I had blocked a lot of nuisance calls, life insurance, solar panels etc and try  dialling 15713 and 15710 to turn off calls going to voicemail and its 15711 to turn vm back on. This must be done by dialling the stated no's rather than from the settings on your phone. Thats all I did before an International call was successfully received, but its not necessarily the cause. BT Mobile suspected that  because my mobile number was previously a Vodaphone number there may have been an issue with the routing from Vodaphone but its not conclusive. Good Luck

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