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Reclaiming my TalkTalk Landline number

Having moved in with my partner I had a couple of calls with BT about moving my Broadband and Landline package from my old house to theirs.

It was important that my partner retain the landline number they currently had with TalkTalk. On both occasions I stressed this to the advisors and was reassured that it was a simple procedure of phoning BT the day after the switch and they would approach TalkTalk to get reclaim the landline number.

Well today it's 24 hours after the switch and upon calling BT we've now been told that they will not be able to get the number from TalkTalk.

Has anyone else had this issue and how did you solve it? 

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Re: Reclaiming my TalkTalk Landline number


It depends on which provider originally issued the phone number, as they would own the number.

Who first issued your partner with their phone number?

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Re: Reclaiming my TalkTalk Landline number

What you want won’t be easy to accomplish , it may not even be possible , and if orders have already been issued it may already be to late retrieve now anyway.

Number portability has rules , what you want to do doesn’t fit in with these rules.

If the idea is to avoid early termination charges, then if both addresses are within a minimum term that’s not possible, plus both addresses will have to be connected to the same exchange.

If the TT number is required but with BT as the provider , the TT account holder  would simply have to migrate to BT, using number portability  you simply cancel your service at your address, the account would remain in that household name.

If you wanted to take your account/service with you to that address , you could take over the TT service but that wouldn’t keep the TT number, the takeover just  cancels the TT service

You arranging for BT to take over the TT service in your name but keeping the TT number from the other householder name is ( IMHO ) not possible

If the reason you want to do this is to avoid ETC , or wanting BT for some other reason, you would have to get a second line installed with BT ( your account ) alongside the existing TT service