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Recommendations for an Ethernet switch

I’m hoping this is my problem. Currently have 5 whole home disks connected to a fibre HH6, smart set up switched off and legacy streaming on the whole home disks switched off.
I have a netgear S205 connected to one of the disks which connects a Kensington display dock and my computer and a WD external drive and a synology NAS drive.
All seemed to be connected ok and working fine. However, for some unknown reason I now seem to have no end of trouble, random disks just disconnect, even though the setup app says all locations are excellent. 
When I’ve reset the network, sometimes it doesn’t recognise the device names of the NAS drives connected through the switch although it does pick up they are there with an ip address.

If someone can shed some light on this, I would be eternally grateful.  Thanks.

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Re: Recommendations for an Ethernet switch

I have another question...

does the whole home disc system have ‘memory’? I ask as if I remove the unmanaged netgear switch (which I have) will the network still think it’s connected?

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