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Re: Regular connection drops

Update to tie this thread off for now.

I've had an uptime of 3 days with pretty good sync.

Engineer arrived around 0915 this morning. Said he has tested the line before arrival and can see no issues. Done some testing inside my property and again found nothing wrong and didn't see the need to change any equipment. He commented that my stats look very good and line speed is hitting 69mb (via WiFi on His only suggestion to the drop out was that it's linked to when I renewed my contract. They must have done something to the line to re-test the speed and sync settings which can be over a 14 day period. He said they shouldn't have, as I stayed on my current package and just renewed the contract but someone may have sent that request but it now looks like it has settled.

When I originally asked Sean (the customer services guy) if that could be linked or a coincidence, he said coincidence and there must be another issue.

So, I am none the wiser but the good news is I've not had a connection drop for 3 days so as long as it stays stable like this and doesn't kick me off when gaming, then I am happy.

Stats below:

Product name:

BT Hub 6A

Serial number:


Firmware version:


Firmware updated:


Board version:


Gui version:


DSL uptime:

3 Days, 1 Hours 8 Minutes 35 Seconds

Data rate:

12.96 Mbps / 79.44 Mbps

Maximum data rate:

12955 / 82840

Noise margin:

6.2 dB / 3.6 dB

Line attenuation:

32.7 dB

Signal attenuation:

22 dB / 32.7 dB





Latency type:

Fast Path

Data sent / received:

12 GB Uploaded / 35 GB Downloaded

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Re: Regular connection drops

My joy has been short lived. I went a good 4 days without one drop and thought all was well, then the following:

18/11/20 - 6 disconnections

19/11/20 -5 disconnections

Always at the most inconvenient times but equally so random. So frustrating. My fault ticket has been closed. Is there any point going back through that process again for an engineer to come out to test everything again and tell me it's all fine? *Sigh*.

I wish I never renewed the contract as everything was absolutely fine until I did that back on 29 October. Urgh.

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Re: Regular connection drops

Another update from me. I'm sort of using this as a log and to hopefully help others who are unfortunate to find themselves in a similar situation.

Disconnections continue



I spoke to BT and at first they said my issue is resolved. I explained that it isn't so they put me on hold whilst they consulted openreach. They came back and said Openreach have informed them that there is a "major network exchange" issue and it should be sorted in 2-3 days and sent me on my merry way.

I can't find any information on this major network issue. I've checked the BT fault website and no issues are listed unless I am looking in the wrong place? Anyone have any ideas? I'm connected to the Beckenham Telephone Exchange.

Strangely, when I click "track my fault" it now states an engineer is booked to visit on Friday. This was not agreed nor stated during our interaction. I will be at work. I've had no emails, texts or phone calls to confirm this. Baffled to say the least.

Conclusion: I have no idea what is going on, disconnections continue and the mystery as to why remains unsolved. The fun of being a BT customer rolls on..... watch this space.

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Re: Regular connection drops

Another update.

I got a call today around 1100hrs that an engineer was coming to visit. This was the first notification since the "track my fault" had updated as mentioned in my previous post.

This engineer was ever so helpful. Told me what I had been told was not accurate at all (the major network issue at the exchange). To cut a long story short he done a "lift and shift" at the green box and connected me to another port. He mentioned that some of the copper was not in the best shape so cleaned and replaced what needed. Tested everything and said it was all working. 6 hours later and it still is connected.

He also recommended I ask BT to send a new smart hub. He would write that on the job notes and I was to call this evening to request one on the engineers advice.

If I still have issues after the hub and change to a new port, he said contact him direct (lives down the road) and he will investigate further - I thought that was very kind of him.

I phoned BT and they can see the job notes but they requested I see how the connection goes for 2-3 days and if I have drops, then they will send me a new smart hub.

Let's see how this next step goes.

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Re: Regular connection drops

I am having this exact same problem and have been for weeks.
I have just created a thread before I saw this one.
Same as you with the gaming and working from home. I maybe need to get an engineer out then.
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Re: Regular connection drops

Hi mjglory. I feel your pain. The drops are frustrating when you're in the middle of something, especially gaming!

I would recommend you getting an engineer out for sure. Have you done a quiet line test? Worth doing that first to see if you have any noise? 

If not, I would suggest you need openreach to come out. If you haven't changed anything inside your property I would ask them to check the green box before coming in to check your internal wiring and router (they will probably do this anyway). My experiences of the engineers have been mixed. Two very good, one not so much. If you get a good one they do go above and beyond to identify the problem and help. See my last post. 

I've been connected for over 4 days now with no drops. Hopefully my issue has been solved by the steps taken by the last engineer, although I managed 3 days before it went crazy last time so only time will tell.

I hope my tale of connection woe on this thread can help you in some way. Good luck with your journey! 

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Re: Regular connection drops

Final update from me for now.

Connection uptime is now 9 days. Good sync stats and pretty happy. Could it finally be fixed? I hope so. For anyone else who suffers something similar I recommend the following:

- Do a quiet line test and check your own wiring.

- Log your own router stats for evidence (I had 61 disconnects over 20 days). Support on the phone can see this but you can use this data to highlight how bad it's been for you.

- Be persistent with the BT support on the phone, I found the text service good so try that. Text them, they call you back. 

- Book an engineer visit, ask them to check the green box.

- Request they move you to another port - "lift and shift".

- Don't let them close your ticket down until you are completely happy.

- Ask the engineer if they are happy to be contacted directly, this means you get the same engineer to come back if the problem persists. Benefits being they know what they have tried and can do some further fault testing, rather than a new one going over the same things.

Hope that helps and good luck to anyone who encounters a problem!


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Re: Regular connection drops

How has the BB been since, as mine has been doing this since 2019 early 2020. Have you had anymore dropouts since the "lift and shift". I've had so many engineers out to find my issue that it's come to a point maybe I'm the problem 😂. If the "lift and shift' helped I'll be asking BT to send an engineer out and sort mine out with this as it's starting to annoy me. I'm currently at 5 days system uptime but 30 minutes network uptime, and just randomly drops throughout the day, sometimes it'll go 3/4 days without issue and then drop out again
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Re: Regular connection drops

Hi Deucalion.


I think it's safe to say my problem has been resolved. I've had 2 drops since my last post on 6th December but I've put those down to normal line check/sync. Both happened in the middle of the night so no disruption whatsoever. I've been streaming and gaming online with no issues and fears of drop outs. A nice feeling. Compare that to seeing over 60 drop outs in 20 days, I think it's sorted. 


I would 100% speak to an openreach engineer and ask them to move you in the green box if there is capacity and clean your cables. As posted previously that's what the engineer told me he had done for me and it's been great ever since. 


What I don't understand is for a few years prior to November it was also great. No idea what happened but glad it is fixed. 


Good luck. I feel your pain. 

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Re: Regular connection drops

Oh it's been fun, had sooooo many engineers out trying to solve the problem and couldn't find anything when connected and tested but could find loads of FEC errors (I think they're called) but still couldn't find the source. Unlucky for me my line is Aluminium and not copper but due to cost they won't replace (which is fine as fttp is coming to my area soon) but until then I would like a like that doesn't feel the need to dropout and then work again while the kids are learning from home due to Covid lockdown. Will speak to the engineer on Monday and see if I can get it moved and cleaned to a different port if possible. I know it's not BT as a company that's at fault but it's annoying when I have to moan at them about it when we should be able to call openreach direct and tell them their lines are terrible
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