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Resetting PIN on BT 8500 Base Station

I have recently had to buy a replacement BT 8500 Base Station, for which I use 5 handsets.

I registered 3 handsets without any problems - other than that wiped all the contacts from those handsets.

Have now copied all the contact details that were on the other 2 handsets, I have now tried to register these and it now needs a PIN which it didn't need before.

If I reset the PIN will I need to know the original PIN?  If I reset the PIN will it wipe all the contacts that I have added to the  registered handsets?

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Re: Resetting PIN on BT 8500 Base Station

Hi @trevor34smith thanks for posting, the default pin is 0000.  I'd recommend giving that a try before trying to reset it.

The BT 8500 user guide can be found on this link, the BT 8500 helpdesk can be called on 0800 145 6789 if the answers aren't in the guide.



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Re: Resetting PIN on BT 8500 Base Station

Hi Neil,

I had tried 0000 without success.  And without knowing whether another PIN had been set I couldn't change the current one.

But actually the problem was the message.  It shouldn't have been asking for a PIN it should have told me that I was trying to register too many handsets.

I discovered that the Base Station had 6 handsets registered - 3 that came with the Base Station and 3 that I registered.  When I deregistered one of the pre registered handsets I was able to register one of my handsets.  I will now register the other handset.  Interesting to know that I could add a 6th handset - but not a 7th!

The User Guide is rather unhelpful about PINs.  Apparently there are 2 PINs one for System PIN and one for Call Control & Remote Access, without telling you what the System PIN controls.

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