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Samsung Smart TV to Whole Home

Hi all. 

I have Samsung Smart TV about 7 years old, I'm trying to get the Smart aspect of the TV to work with a BT Whole Home Disc 

The TV connects to the disc, the disc shows the TV connected to it.

Going to the smart/apps page on the tv, select google, search for something.. you tube, Amazon.. whatever, the search finds the site no problem, once the link is clicked, and error message appears and it will not connect to the site.

I've unplugged the TV for a day the reconnected it and carried out a factory reset of  the tv, and reset the Whole Home disc.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Samsung Smart TV to Whole Home

If you can, connect the TV with a LAN cable direct to your hub/router, if the smart feautres don't work then it's an issue with the TV. When you say you've connected the disc to the TV do you mean wirelessly or with a cable? I think the cable connection is intended solely as a means of linking to your hub (so won't give LAN/WAN access to devices), but may be wrong.
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Re: Samsung Smart TV to Whole Home

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Good idea about connecting the tv to the router directly, I'll see if I can get or make up a long lead to do it.

I've only tried it using WiFi so far... that sounds like a good way to try to diagnose what's going on.


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