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Whole Home Dropping Connection Problem


Wonder if someone might be able to help as I have recently been having problems with my BT Whole Home mesh network intermittently having poor connection, or losing connection completely.

I have3 discs. Disc 1 is connected to my 'Sky' router in the lounge (at the rear of the house) and the one I am having problems with is in my garden office. The office disc is actually only about 4 metres distance from the 1st disc in the lounge, but it has to get through the house wall and a doubly insulated office wall.  This was the reason for the purchase in the first place. When I connect direcly to the Sky wifi in the lounge it about 30mbps download speed but this obviously drops a lot lower in the office usually between 5 - 10mbps) When the 'Whole Home' is working correctly I get the same speed in the office as the lounge ie 30+mbps, and I have previously had no issue in 18 months of use.  However recently it often drops down to less than 1 mbps, meaning that my connection actually improves when I bypass it and go direct to the Sky network.

Obviously this is not down to the Sky router as my connection improves when I go direct to it. It often happens late evening, ie. 10/11pm. When it is good it is still good though giving speeds of 30+mbps. I just checked the setup/system info in my BT device login and I note that it has my office disc on 2.4GHz whereas the other are on 5. Someone suggested it may work better on 5 as it is a short distance but needs power, would this be the case and is this possible?

I checked the system log and when it had last dropped out it was described as 'disassociated, reason is 8'. What does that mean?

I would appreciate any help, I purchased the discs to SOLVE this problem of providing internet to my office rather than contributing and I have had no issue until recently. My work is primarily online so it is causing me to appear very unprofessional when I have poor or no internet.

Many thanks


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Re: Whole Home Dropping Connection Problem

Hi @Rob135, welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting. Sorry that you're having a problem with the Whole Home Wifi (WHW) discs. It would be best to get in touch with the WHW team as they're best placed to help you with this.

They can be contacted on phone: 0808 100 6116 (Mon to Fri 9am to 5.30pm and Sat 9am to 2pm)
Or via email :



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