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Samsung tv app freezing

Has anyone got any advice on how to fix an issue we have with the BT Sport app on a Samsung TV?  Used to work fine, but now works for about a minute and then the picture freezes and audio continues.  Able to go back and start again but the same happens.  No issues with Netflix, Amazon Prime etc and the checker says there are no issues with the internet

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

Are you watching BT Sport Ultimate?  (you'll see the Ultimate logo in the corner of the screen).  If so, then instead of clicking the match you want to watch from the front screen, try going across to the channels menu at the top and then select the channel it's on.  When asked if you want to watch on Ultimate, say no.

The problem with Ultimate at the moment is that it's only available in higher video quality, so if you have any bandwidth issues it can't keep up with the lowest available quality and switches to audio-only.

We're working on a solution.

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

I don’t believe I have access to ultimate and the same issue happens if I select the channel from the list

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

Sometimes there appears to be a timing issue when it happens too as the audio goes back about 30 seconds

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

OK, these aren't issues we've heard of before.

Could you please provide your TV model number?

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing


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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

Same issue for me. Worked fine a few weeks ago, now the picture freezes after 30 secs but the sound continues.

TV model UE50MU6120

I've deleted and reinstalled the app, nothing changes. This happenes on all channels too

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

I have the same issue.

Samsung Frame Model Code: UE49LS03N

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

same thing happening with my samsung tv after about 30 seconds , I've deleted and reinstalled the app and no matter how you select how to watch it it happens on all live channels.

worked fine until today , i have a 300mb connection working fine so can't be a bandwidth or speed issue 

the picture freezes the audio goes back in a 30 second loop

tv model UE65MU8000

ive rebooted tv as well

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Re: Samsung tv app freezing

Unfortunately, our ability to debug issues like this on Samsung TVs is limited. It isn't something we see on any of the devices we have, so we have no way of identifying the cause.

The advice we've been given by Samsung for issues like this is (test the app between each step):

1. Check for TV software updates

2. Reinstall the app

3. Factory reset the TV

If these steps fail, Samsung have advised that you should call their helpdesk and they can remotely control your TV to obtain further details on the cause of failure.

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