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Scam Alert: Caller purporting to be from BT, asking you to download an app to screen share

Hi Everyone,

We have seen another example of malicious actors trying to exploit BT customers.

In this example, you may receive a phone call from someone saying that they are calling from BT.  They go on to say that they have noticed that there has been suspicious activity on your account and before they can help they need you to validate yourself by confirming a PIN. 

The caller will ask you to complete a password reset via your MyBT account, which will generate a PIN.  They will then ask you to confirm this PIN before they can talk to you further

If you confirm the PIN, the caller will ask you to share your screen so they can help further, this will also lead to your MyBT account being compromised.  If your PIN has been shared please carry out another password reset immediately to secure your MyBT account.

This is a scam so please be aware, and spread the word with your family and friends. 


BT do use a one time PIN in certain situations, however;


  • We would never call you out of the blue and ask you to screen share
  • We would never ask you to generate a PIN, if this is required we would send you a PIN
  • If you have any doubt on the caller's true identity, hang up and contact BT directly by calling 0800 800 150


You can read more about BT's one-time PIN process from this article, BT's One-time pin process 




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