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BT's One time pin process

Hi everyone,

From time to time BT may need to send you a one-time pin number.  Unfortunately, scammers may try to exploit this process so I wanted to offer you some information so that you can protect yourself from bad actors.


1.What is One Time Pin?

A one-time pin (OTP) is a passcode that is valid for only one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device. Essentially, it proves to the company you are interacting with that you are who you say you are. At BT, we use One Time Pin on various occasions to help safeguard your identity and data.


2.When will BT send me a One Time Pin?

There are a number of occasions where BT might send a One Time Pin, as it allows us to verify that we are speaking with the right person or that you have requested action on your account. The message you receive from us will explain why the One Time Pin has been sent.


3.What do I do if I receive a One Time Pin unexpectedly?

If you receive a One Time Pin from BT and you have not contacted us or tried to reset your password, this could be a scam. Forward the message to us and we will investigate; for texts, forward to 7726, or for emails, send to

If someone contacts you claiming to be BT and asks you for a One Time Pin, this is a scam. We would only ask you to share the One Time Pin with us when you have called us. Hang up and report the scam at




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