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Server far away

Hi. Can any one please explain to me why although i live in manchester when ever I'm playing online games or if I query my connection it says I'm connected to either  woodgate, Durham, Sheffield etc    only twice has it actually come up that I'm connected through Manchester.   I dont use a vpn so that's not the issue.   I'm finding my ping rate dropping. My friends all live in the same area and they always show  up that they are connected local(manchester) They are not on b.t.  it's annoying the hell out of me. Thanks. 

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Re: Server far away

Is this your base ping or ping in game?

When you game it’s route will differ, having a local ID may not make much difference with regards to distance but the gaming server you connect to maybe the issue and most simply match you so for COD say you could end up the other side of Europe and so your ping or connection will be slower.

BT routers don’t have any control on what servers you play on, you would need a third party router to allow such connection control so you can connect to the best server or one that offers you the best connection rate.

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Re: Server far away

@Badgerz  As the signal travels about 186miles in 1ms, 50 miles difference in distance to the server is not going to make any difference.