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Signal dropping out when streaming

I've had bt for about 6 month now and keep having issues with it dropping out, they have been out twice and say its fixed I had sky before and had no issues unless I was gaming, which prompted the change but with bt everything is dropping out especially the sky box when on Netflix or on any apps can anyone help?

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Re: Signal dropping out when streaming

Do you have a Smart Hub 2? This was just happening to me. Had to get a new hub, a Smart Hub (Home Hub 6). What is your internet speed? 

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Re: Signal dropping out when streaming

Yes smart hub 2 with 42-47mpbs
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Re: Signal dropping out when streaming

So you get a good speed, superfast fibre broadband.. So you have fibre, so it should work with your broadband, but it might be the Super Hub 2. Lot of people having issues. I’d try again with BT, I mean, it’s easy for me, because I only have ASDL broadband, no fibre. I got mine changed because mine dropped out for hours/days, and there’s nothing wrong with my ASDL line, it’s the hub, you need to get them to send an engineer out, who can see it dropping in front of them, and then they might send you a new Smart Hub 2, but if I was you, I’d ask for the first Smart Hub.

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Re: Signal dropping out when streaming

This will probably be taken down..

Not quite your issue, but if it’s doing that, could be messing up in other ways too!

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Re: Signal dropping out when streaming

@Hevski77  No it won't be taken down but it worth poining out that "BT added that an update for all users would be available by the end of May."

BT push out updates automatically and end users cannot force or roll back an update.

My take has always been never to use ISP equipment as one size does not fit all which is ISP ethos. I have always advocated all ISP's should only provide a modem to access their service.

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Re: Signal dropping out when streaming

What would be a good modem to use? Someone on FB mentioned Netgear. I think I did have a Netgear one, back in the day. What would be a good one to use, if you lived miles from the cabinet, on an copper line, and could only get a max speed of 2 mbps. Asking for myself, here.
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Re: Signal dropping out when streaming

Don’t touch the NG one, it was not great and it’s EOL.  There are Vigor ones or the old HG612 modems that can be found on eBay. 
Then it’s just connecting your router of choice. 

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