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Smart Hub 2 Capacity

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Does anyone know how many devices the Smart Hub 2 supports - what with IoT stuff, multiple devices etc my Hub is now supporting over 50 devices and I appear to be getting some issues with connections.

I resolved a problem where my PC's Bluetooth adaptor decided to act as a DHCP server generating spurious IP addresses and as a result decided to implement Static IP addresses on most of my wired devices e.g.  BT Set Top Boxes, Fixed PCs, TVs and DVD players.  That said having some problems with BT Set Top box losing connection, when I tried to reset IP address and change to static address the hub doesnt appear to want to let me do it ! I have tried power cycling the hub but to no avail.

I have a spare smart hub at present as awaiting install of full fibre so may swap hub but any thoughts on capacity of hub to support multiple devices welcome.  I aware of DHCP range etc.  Cheers Dave

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Re: Smart Hub 2 Capacity

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There have been reported issues where the home hubs run out of internal connections. Only a factory reset will resolve this issue, as a normal restart does not work.


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Re: Smart Hub 2 Capacity

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Hi Keith,

apologies for delay in replying .....many thanks will complete a factory reset 🙂


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