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Smart Hub 2 cabling problems

Engineer turns up and can’t install it as new cables have to be run across a main road. Why no site visit to see what had to be done beforehand. Not clearly explained that Smart Hub 2 need new cables, when you sign up. Have had super fibre originally with BT then Plusnet for 3 years with no problems from existing cabling. It could now be weeks til they come back. Not impressed !!!! Tried to phone customer services was 35mins on hold and then gave up. Shambolic Mess.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 cabling problems

the smart hub 2 does not need new cables but if you previously had FTTC and are now upgrading to FTTP - fibre to the premises- then you need a fibre connection whereas previously you could use your existing copper connection

which fibre package have you ordered

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Re: Smart Hub 2 cabling problems

Superfibre 2 and it was NOT explained that this would involve such a shambles. I ordered on Feb 12 and the engineer turned up yesterday saying he had to make a few phone calls and then shrugged his shoulders. So what happens now with my broadband? I work a lot from home. Then BT had the cheek to say they sending me 1st bill, when I’ve not even got the package. One useless Smart Hub 2 sitting on my desk!!!! 

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Re: Smart Hub 2 cabling problems

If you are just transferring from Plusnet to BT with FTTC rather than a full fibre connection, there is no need for an engineer let alone a new cable.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 cabling problems

Your description of the issue is unclear, presumably your complaint is about needing a new cable from the telegraph pole to your home , ‘’ smart hub 2 needing new cables’ has no context and is misleading nonsense.

If your existing service is Plusnet FTTC and you are migrating to BT but keeping FTTC then you wouldn’t get an engineer visit, so that suggests you are getting FTTP ( even though the ‘speed’ you are paying for doesn’t need FTTP to deliver it )

If you are getting FTTP , you require  a engineer visit , as a new fibre cable needs to be installed , the existing copper cable will either continue to provide the phone service or will be redundant, however the new cable needs to adhere to the current safety requirements, like height over the road, proximity to hazards etc, if the Openreach installer or OR contractor cannot install the new cable because of this , then obviously, a delay is inevitable while alternative arrangements are made, why should the installer take a ‘ risk’ with their own or the public’s safety, rules about safety shouldn’t just be ignored just  for your benefit.

If your complaint is why wasn’t this ‘issue’ discovered in advance , it’s because this situation with overhead provides is probably quite rare , and arranging a survey before every overhead job is expensive , and ultimately everyone would have to pay for this ‘policy’ in increased rental etc, the ISPs and regulator are involved in policy’s like that, and if 90% of surveys come back with a ‘no problem, go ahead’ answer , they bellyache that the costs are more than the benefit, so chances are OR have to keep costs down to keep ISP’s and OFCOM happy.

In my example you are unfortunately be  in the small group that would have benefited from a pre install survey , but only to the point that you would be told of the delay before rather than after the installer visit, the issue would still need addressing.

BT may have a stop sale of FTTC if FTTP is available, hence the change of system ( FTTC to FTTP )even though you are not ‘upgrading’ your speed,  if you are happy with FTTC , then you may be able to keep FTTC with someone else, who haven’t ( yet ) stopped selling FTTC in FTTP areas.

Plusnet are generally seen as a budget provider, so it’s ( IMHO ) unlikely that it was  a cost  based decision to switch from PN to BT , so what was your rationale, perhaps you can rejoin PN and stay on FTTC .

Lastly, there is no reason why PN should disconnect your current FTTC service because of this delay , so it’s unclear exactly what your issue is, apart from potentially having to take another day off when the overhead issues are resolved and a new appointment made. 

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Re: Smart Hub 2 cabling problems

Well there’s a redundant Smart Hub 2 on my desk. No date for correct cabling to be put in for it, and trying to get through to BT on the phone is impossible because they are “very busy”. You can talk about as many technicalities as you want .

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Re: Smart Hub 2 cabling problems

.......and you can be as vague as you want. Until we know exactly what service you are expecting to be provided, not much advice can be given.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 cabling problems

@Balihai62if you want help, answer the questions asked by the community, they are trying to assist and you're not answering, from what I can see you have no idea what you ordered, FTTC or FTTP, what does your order confirmation show ? what does the Smart Hub 2 box list as 1 is for FTTP and another for FTTC.
From what you posted you've not even spoken to BT about this, you've simply stated 'Tried to phone customer services was 35mins on hold and then gave up' and then 'trying to get through to BT on the phone is impossible because they are “very busy”' so nobody at BT is helping because you give up calling.

You've signed up to the forum for help, it's been offered but you don't reply to the questions asked.