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Smart Hub 2 issue after upgrade

Hi there I have recently upgraded from the 300 to 900 package on FTTP. When I upgraded they took my old ultrafast hub 6 away for the new smart Hub 2 with disc. Since doing this I age seen no difference at all from my service apart from for the worse. If I do a BTW Speedtest it comes back as over 1000 download download over Wi-Fi never anymore than 400 I know this is Wi-Fi and what speed tests can do so thats not the issue. The issue I have is I have been trying to use zoom for regular meetings weekly and the connection is poor. When listening to someone there is a breakup in the sound often maybe about every two minutes if not more and speaking to others who are on meeting with me they have noticed my connection is very much the same when I talk. This happens on all my devices and have just got a new MacBook and still the same. I contacted BT and they did all their checks and said all looks good. I know what they say fibre either works or it doesn’t but I have certainly seen a big difference in my issue since upgrading. Anyone else had similar issue with upgrade or hub upgrade. I can cope with everything running fine in my house but the zoom connection issue is very frustrating 

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