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Smart Hub 2 periodically blocks printers

My SH2 operates seemlessly most of the time (using apple systems) but about once a month it becomes impossible to print using any protocol to any of the printers in the house (HP inkjet and Brother Lasers) - from ipad, android phones or macs (or even the single Win10 machine we have). 

Rebooting computers doesn't help. Rebooting Printers doesn't help. 

The devices can't find the printer and can't see status & supply levels. 

However upon rebooting the SM2, everything works again.

Really annoying as everyone needs to be booted off Voip calls, and internet if urgent printing is required.

Anyone else found this?...Anyone found a solution?

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Re: Smart Hub 2 periodically blocks printers


3 possible things to look out for:-

1. The SH2 doesn't allow splitting of the 2.4 & 5 GHZ wifi bands and this does confuse some systems and disabling the 5 GHZ wifi can help.

2. Disable Smart set up ( I think that is what it's called)

3. With iOS 14 Apple introduced Private Addressing for wifi connections so each time a device connects to wifi it uses a random MAC address so gets assigned a new IP Address which then fills the allocation table within the router. The SmartHubs aren' to good at clearing old assignments & the table gets full. To prevent this Private Addressing should be turn off for your home wifi.

All are worth a try.


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Re: Smart Hub 2 periodically blocks printers

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Re: Smart Hub 2 periodically blocks printers

Thanks - that's exactly what it happening 


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Re: Smart Hub 2 periodically blocks printers

I had the same problem until the hub support team rolled out a firmware v0.26.04.04227-BT update to my hub, it took about 48hrs for the fix to land.

I don't know what's happening in terms of an official regular rollout for firmware v0.26.04.04227-BT but an update to this firmware version has fixed the problem here and I had to go via a post in and then I had to relay the problem directly to the mods via a direct message to receive the out of band patch.

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