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Smart Hub 2 phone port REN limit?

Does anyone know the REN limit on the (FSX?) phone port on a Smart Hub2?  

BT have advised I'm about to be switched from POTS to Digital Voice, in a house where Wi-Fi and DECT propagation are both flaky. The simplest solution to keeping the phones working may well be to connect the SH2 phone port to the existing phone wiring around the house, after unlinking it all from the POTS master socket. I currently have four phones plugged in, all labelled REN 1.0 though I suspect they will be less, hence my query about how many the SH2 can actually support.



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Re: Smart Hub 2 phone port REN limit?

My experience until today has been that 4 wired devices functioned correctly for 4 weeks from when digital voice was activated. 

I had connected 2 wired phones, 1 DECT base station (with one phone paired) and one Yale alarm system to the smart hub phone port via my internal cabling which was separated from the incoming copper. I also have 2 DECT phones paired with the hub wirelessly.

Today an incoming call had a problem. When I answered on a wired phone the caller could not hear me and the caller was faint. After ending the call and attempting an outgoing call there was no dial tone. The 2 DECT phones continued to work normally.

I reported the fault to 150 who suggested rebooting the hub which I did and this restored normal service.

I wonder how long this will last.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 phone port REN limit?

Hi, thanks for the comment

I have a very similar setup connected to the VOIP port: two line-powered wired phones and two mains-powered DECT phones, all via the house phone wiring which is isolated from the BT network at the master socket. 

I did a few measurements which confirmed that the actual REN of each of the two wired phones is around 0.4 and the  DECT phones are almost zero. I never did find any data on the  REN limit for the VOIP port so I made the assumption that it can support at least REN 1.0, on which basis this setup looked hopeful and it has worked fine since the changeover in May. 

I also have a fifth phone plugged into one of the BT phone adapters which connects via DECT direct to the router, which is also behaving OK thus far. 

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