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Re: BT Full Fibre Upload Capped

Fair enough.

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Re: BT Full Fibre Upload Capped

@Salvagehunter yes you can unplug the Velop and plug the SH2 back into the ONT as a fall back if you ever need to. If you have different SSIDs the clients will need to connect back to the SH2 one. I understand why you’re thinking about a fallback but once the Velops are up and running you should just be able to leave them be. Note - it wouldn’t be unusual for a new install of any kit to require a firmware update and a reboot before settling down but don’t let that bother you.

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Re: BT Full Fibre Upload Capped

Morning All,

Just a quick update...

Unfortunately, moving to the Velop system was a bit of a disaster... I was still only seeing c300Mb on the Wi-Fi (to devices wi-fi 6 enabled) and my CCTV system which has cameras and the NVR linked by way of the BT discs, didn't work when I swapped those for the Velop nodes... I can't describe the disappointment, as I'd built myself up for this being the solution to all my woes!

I did look and although capable of IPv6 connection, going PPPoE it wasn't able to connect that way and was only on IPv4 - not sure whether it was that or something else that was upsetting the CCTV system and killing the speed, but for now, the extra Velop node is about to go back to Amazon and i've rolled back to using the SH2 and discs, with the Velop system connected by CAT8 and pushing out the Wi-Fi (as it is still twice as fast as the SH2 Wi-Fi - which is c100Mb).

I'm gutted and when I can afford to get an expert in, I think that's what i'll have to do.

I'm also waiting for @RobbieMac to un-throttle the UL, which is still at 50Mb, but he seems like a good guy, so I'm optimistic on that front (If you do spot any profile issues on the DL, please feel free to give that a tweak and polish too! TIA).

So guys, back to SH2 and all the fun that entails... I wish it was better news, and/or I was more technically minded!

All the best


Disappointed from Lancashire...

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