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Smarthub 2

BT emailed me to say I need to set up my new smarthub2, but its been setup for months.  But my fibre to the home setup doesn't match the instructions. If I follow the instructions and plug the red cable into the hub and into the small white box (which also has the phone plugged in) then the hub turns flashing purple and the phone says check phoneline. If I plug the hub into the grey cable that comes out of the big white box (which is how the engineer who set up full fibre broadband set up the old hub) then the smarthub turns blue and both broadband and the phone line work. I don't quite get the speed I'm paying for but the Which broadband speed checker run on my phone connected by wireless says latency ~20ms download ~155Mbytes/s and upload ~55Mbytes/s which is pretty good for the middle of nowhere. Any ideas why 1) BT don't think the smarthub 2 is connected, 2) why my setup is different to the instructions 3) it doesn't work if I follow the instructions, but does if I copy the old setup, 4) what I should do about it. 

I'll probably phone BT at the end of the week.

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Re: Smarthub 2

Instructions never tell you to connect the red WAN port to the copper phone line, not sure what instructions you are reading. The red WAN port has to connect to the fibre ONT with full fibre. It doesn't matter what colour the cable is as long as it is an Ethernet patch lead with an RJ45 plug on each end. Don't use a cable that fits in the copper phone socket.

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Re: Smarthub 2

A picture explains it all.

smart hub 2.jpg

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Re: Smarthub 2

Those are the instructions I'm reading. If I do that (red cable from the small white box ( that also has the phone plugged in in a seperate socket ) the hub doesn't work. I also have a large  white box (which may be a huwai hub) and looks like:


That has a cable going to the small box and a grey cable going to the hub. That's the cable that allows the hub to work. Note all the five lights along the top are green one is not  lit.

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Re: Smarthub 2

It does not have to be a red ended cable. If its a grey one plugged into the optical modem, it works just as well.

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Re: Smarthub 2

I haven't connected the red ethernet to the phone line, Its plugged into the socket that says broadband next to the plug that the phoneline is plugged into that says phone. There is also a second box that has a grey cable coming out of it but no other obvious plug sockets - But there is a front cover that comes off, I'll have  a look when I get home. Set up in the same way as BT set the old hub up and it works .

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Re: Smarthub 2

As far as I can see its not plugged in  to the box - its a direct connection that disappears into the box. I'll take a close look when I get home. The question is why do BT think the smart hub isn't plugged in when I took the old home hub 5 off a couple of months ago and replaced it with a smart hub 2 they had sent me. They are wanting to move me over to VOIP.

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Re: Smarthub 2

@TelemarkDave wrote:

 Set up in the same way as BT set the old hub up and it works .

Of course, that's how it should be set up.

Your broadband is delivered by fibre not copper. The 'broadband' socket on the small white box (NTE) is no longer used as you have fibre.

No idea why there is a cable from the ONT to the NTE.


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