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Someone fraudelnetly forwarded my email

So today noticed i could send email via Outlook but not receive.  Tried a few test emails to teh acocunt and nothing.  logged into a purchasing site, using the same email and found £4500 of materials sitting in the basket, presumably because the password is different this failed.

went back to the email via web and discovered 2 days ago, someone had forwarded my email to themselves.  I've immediately removed it, changed the password to both email and the said site.

What ive noted is, any emails from 2 days back, have been intercepted but i do not have a copy of them a) to read b) presume they read and given the example, likely one was sales materials which they latched onto and used my email to access first stage of purchasing.

scanned my laptop using avast said it found Techscam, could not remove, but since ive cleared cookies etc and now manually removed.

I'm not someone who clicks links at all or pop ups, however my only thoughts are when i received spam emails or other and you click unsubscribe...these could be the problem.

anyone had similar? 

anyone know how i can find any emails that should have been recieved as they are not showing in my inbox via web, pre changing my password



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Re: Someone fraudelnetly forwarded my email

As you are no doubt now aware you should never "unsubscribe" from any spam emails or click on any links that are contained in those emails. By unsubscribing you are letting the scammers know that they have a live email account and clicking the link can download malicious software.

As regards your "forwarded" emails, the scammer had obviously set up your received emails to be deleted after having been forwarded. This will automatically delete them and if you have checked that they are not in the "Trash" folder, they will have been deleted directly from the servers and can not be recovered.

If you have the forwarding email address you could pass that on to  the Police at Action Fraud and they may be able to follow it up.

Action Fraud

You could also contact the site that had the items in the basket to see if there is any way that they can identify who made the purchase.