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Speed change.

2020-10-27 (1).png2020-10-27 (2).pngHi. My Fibre speed had remained constant at around 70Mbps since upgrading my internal wiring through great help from this site. The router is on a 15m run of cat5 via an external (B.T. fitted) join outside the property, which is itself fed from the detachable part of the Master socket. My speed has now dropped to a generally consistent 64.3Mbps but with an occasional blip to around mid 40's. I can't be 100% sure but these dips seems to tie in with how heavy it's raining, but clear surprisingly quickly. I've checked the internal extension wiring/joins as thoroughly as I can and no amount of twisting and pulling causes any change (continuity check rather than monitoring speed). B.T. did have me move the router to the master socket  whilst testing and that produced 70Mbps as previous, although it was not raining at the time, but has returned to the lower speed now back on the extension. Could this new lower speed of 64 be because the router was powered off and on several times over the day? (I've attached screen grabs of info regularly asked for). Do those torpedo joining devices occasionally fail, and as that's fed off the detachable part of the master socket would that be my responsibility and chargeable?  Thanks for any thoughts and help.2020-10-27.png

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Re: Speed change.

from looking at dslchecker results tour expected speed range is 80/62mb and according to router stats you currently have a connection speed of 73mb which is just below attainable of 75mb  your noise margin is down at 4.2db suggesting G.INP is active and providing a bit of boost to speed

if the hub stats were from your extension socket then post new stats from test socket and see if any better  but current stats look good and well within expected range

is there any noise on quiet line test  dial 17070 option 2  should be silent and best with corded phone

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Re: Speed change.

Thanks for checking for me. Those stats were from the extension - I've attached new ones from the master socket, and quiet line test was good - no noticeable noise. I'm trying to decipher these figures using your original reply. Is there an obvious reason why now it's connected to the master socket the router stats show a data rate of 74.5 (assuming I'm looking at the right figure) yet the speed test performed via the router menu and done at the same time gives only 65.4? When BT tested this with the router connected to the Master socket (admittedly 3 days ago) they reported 70. I know there's not a vast range of difference, but why any difference if they're to the same router in the same master Master_sckt.pngMaster_sockt.pngsocket? Sorry if these are blindingly obvious points, and thanks again for the help.


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