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Re: Speed drops after new router installed

I very much suspect a wire was dislodged in the master socket when swapping routers.

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Re: Speed drops after new router installed

With a high maximum data rate (63.4 Mbps) and a high noise margin (26.8dB), I would suspect that DLM has detected a major issue, and reduced the connection rate.

A bad connection which caused multiple disconnects in a very short time, would be seen as a fault, just like continually restarting the home hub would do. A noisy line would also cause this.

It would be best to leave it alone for at least a week, and avoid any disconnections or restarts of the home hub.

If it does not resolve itself, then you will have to raise it as a fault.

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Re: Speed drops after new router installed

as previously posted I also don't think this is DLM taking action for connection problems.  do you have the new master where the faceplate clips on rather than screws?  if so check you have not dislodged the faceplate slightly causing a poor connection

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Re: Speed drops after new router installed

DLM has already taken action, by reducing the actual connection speed. If it was a bad connection, then that would also affect the max available rate, as that is determined by the available bandwidth, and that is fine. Something has upset the connection.

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Re: Speed drops after new router installed

Thanks, again, to so many experienced peeps for adding your thoughts.

In no particular order...

I have a new master socket where the faceplate clips on.  When I changed routers I went nowhere near the socket.  I unplugged the broadband (RJ45) and Ethernet cables, put the new hub in the old hub's place and reconnected the cables.  So, I don't *think* the master socket connections play a role in the drop in speed.

We had major broadband issues in the summer and the OpenReach engineer tracked down a couple of external cabling issues, including a poor connection in the street cabinet, and repatched us at the exchange.  Our speed went up after that and we have consistently got 45-55 Mbps, mostly 50+.  BT's estimate after signing for Halo 3+ late October was 49-55 Mbps with a guarantee of 45Mbps.

I plugged a corded handset into the test socket behind the faceplate of the Master Socket this morning and tried the quiet line test, dialling 17070 option 2.  The line was silent.  

When I performed the quiet line test. the hub detected it had lost broadband so my Hybrid Connect kicked in.  When I put everything back, the hub stayed solid purple, showing it was still using Hybrid Connect.  I waited a few minutes but the hub didn't go back to broadband so I rebooted it.  This of course means the hub has had another restart, which I had wanted to avoid, given one of the suggestions above.  I retested broadband speed and observed a slight improvement - 23Mbps.

The speed is tolerable though far from ideal, so I think I will leave everything alone for several days, testing the speed intermittently, and see how it goes.

If it doesn't resolve itself, I'll look back at some of the other physical suggestions (new modem cable, rechecking the faceplate etc) and see if they help.  If all else fails, I'll raise a ticket.

As I said over the weekend on a different thread, I love this community!  It's so helpful.

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Re: Speed drops after new router installed

Latest update, Monday 6th December.

After waiting a week or so, line speed actually dropped, to 16-17 Mbps over several tests.  I called in a fault,  BT Home Tech visit on Friday. Engineer swapped my Smart Hib 2 for another SH2.  He also advised me not to use the USB port (for my Sonos music library) as, apparently, using it interferes with the performance.  That got the line speed "back" to 24 Mbps. BT then arranged an OpenReach visit for Saturday.

The OpenReach engineer got close to 60 Mbps with his own device.  I had kept the Smart Hub we'd been using since the summer just in case the SH2 didn't work as expected so we tried that and hey presto - 55Mbps.

I repeated the test this morning with the same sort of results - in fact, one Smart Hub test achieved 59.41 Mbps.  I phoned BT but they cannot progress until tomorrow because the line is being monitored for 3 days following Saturday's OpenReach visit and the system won't let them do anything with the case until that elapses. 

Watch this space...

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