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Steam/Epic capping at 50MB/s

So first of all, I do accept that it might actually be a limitation at their end, and largely just wanting to check in with other people if they have the same issue.


I am on Fibre 900, can do a range of speed tests, give me the 900/100, can even download a Linux ISO to test and get pretty close to the 900.


But it seems lately the Steam and Epic games launchers are hitting just above 50MB/s (400mbps) and not really raising above this, this as far as I am aware didn't use to be the case.


I was wondering if anyone else had this issue, and if so, did they find a fix, or accept that 50MB/s is still just pretty fast and download times are quite reasonable?

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Re: Steam/Epic capping at 50MB/s

A 10 second Google search suggests that they're is a bandwidth cap within Steam that can be turned off in the settings

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Re: Steam/Epic capping at 50MB/s

Hmm, I don't have any restrictions turned on in Steam and sadly I don't know what search you did exactly so I can check the site you found.

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Re: Steam/Epic capping at 50MB/s

I just typed in Bandwidth cap on Steam

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Re: Steam/Epic capping at 50MB/s

In steam I can confirm I get full DL speed around 54-56MB/s on  Fibre500 connection, no problems. More than adequate and 50GB download finishes in no time. 900 I think is an overkill unless you have a busy household steaming and downloading in multiple devices.

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