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Stopping Spam emails

I am currently getting several emails a day  from addresses such as



Feedback ! *********** 


Which appear to be addressed to an address list BTword. These have a subject that either contains a warning about Mcaffee being out of date ( I don’t use it… ), or advertising something ( ‘you have been selected’, ‘important information’   etc.


The body of the email then typically contains a line of gobbledygook such as





I delete these as I notice them, but they are a pain.  Is there anything you can do ? 


nb. I tried filling in  report to BT,  but it results in a message ‘please correct the errors’ without telling me what they are....



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Re: Stopping Spam emails

I have the  same issue and it seems to be getting worse.



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Re: Stopping Spam emails

I too am getting numerous e mails each day. I keep reporting them as spam but they just keep coming. Please help BT


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Re: Stopping Spam emails

I have a Gmail account and after growing tired of even seeing the unread count in my Spam folder, I added a little bit of code (using 'script<dot>google<dot>com') to check the raw content of any unread spam messages for certain features and delete them automatically.  That gobbledy-**bleep** you see is encoded text that the email client will interpret for you (also helps to get past the spam filters), but the headers containing metadata about the email aren't encoded, so that's where my code will work.

For instance, many of these emails have 'unsubscribe' links (definitely never click those!) that point to something like 'storage<dot>api', 'bit<dot>ly' or similar.  I also delete any links with a Russian domain or certain generic text, and I continue to add to a list of emojis (lips, moneybag, pointing hand, etc) as they often appear in the subject title, particularly for deranged & desperate people "in my local area" who are keen for a hook-up, apparently.

Of course, if you're using a BT Internet account then this approach is probably of no use to you (unless they provide the means to execute a routine on your inbox?).

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Re: Stopping Spam emails


Right click the mail-select more- block domain (gmail )


If you have genuine contacts using gmail -make them a safe sender. *


I am now getting 1 evert 2 weeks rather than 10 a day



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Re: Stopping Spam emails

thanks, i will try that. By the way, my email address is, and i tend to use outlook.

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Re: Stopping Spam emails

I wonder if it is just a coincidence  but since I posted my response my Spam folder has gone into overdrive and capturing many spam emails. in short period of time.

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Re: Stopping Spam emails

sorry to hear that. not something i am doing....

i have now set up an outlook rule to permanently delete mails with this sort of sender pattern . does not stop them being sent, but at least i dont see them any more.

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