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Switch from FTTP to FTTC, what modem should I buy?


I recently moved house and switched from FTTP to FTTC (sadly). I want to continue using my ASUS AC5300 router but the master socket (OpenReach MK2) in the new house uses RJ11 that my router doesn't support. I've been told I need a BT Openreach modem as my Smart Hub 2 doesn't work as a bridge.

I can buy the BT Openreach Huawei VDSL / FTTC Fibre Modem (version HG612). Would this be sufficient enough to connect my ASUS router to my BT Broadband? Is there a better modem you'd recommend?

Many thanks for your help! 

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Re: Switch from FTTP to FTTC, what modem should I buy?

The Huawei will be fine, don't pay extra for an unlocked one, it doesn't need to be unlocked and is trivial to unlock in any case.

It's nothing to do with socket type, your device is just a pure router so requires a modem. That was the ONT with FTTP and as you correctly say, the SH2 doesn't have a modem only mode. 

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