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Switched from Sky to BT and speed is still slow....

At midnight my connection was switched from Sky to BT. My connection on BT used to be around 65 download and 18 upload. On sky I was only ever receiving around 40 download and 9 upload with horrible ping. When changing ISP does openreach not reset the dlm and line profile? That's the only reason I can think of why my speed hasn't improved. 

Negotiated Connection Properties

    Receive Direction Send Direction

Max. DSLAM throughputkbit/s8000020000
Min. DSLAM throughputkbit/s128128
Attainable throughputkbit/s4520311634
Current throughputkbit/s4493111503
Seamless rate adaptation offoff
Latency 8 msfast
Impulse Noise Protection (INP) 30
G.INP offoff
Signal-to-noise ratiodB66
Bitswap onoff
Line attenuationdB2126


Here's my modem dsl settings for reference. I was hopeful to get my connection back to at least 55-60 range. The speed estimate when purchasing broadband also estimates 61

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Re: Switched from Sky to BT and speed is still slow....

Hi @UrbanGrunt, welcome back to the community and thanks for posting. It looks like you're getting very close to the max attainable speed and your SNR is 6db which indicates there are no issues but I can see G.INP is currently off, if DLM sees that your connection is stable and decides your line is suitable it might activate that which would lower the SNR target to 3db and possibly increase the speed. If you maintain a stable connection it will give G.INP a chance to activate.



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