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Switching from non OR fttp (community fibre) to OR fttp


Sorry I'm aware this is a bt forum so may not be the correct place.. 

I currently live on a street and have bt with a max offering of 80/20. The streets next to me all have enabled and can get ~300mbps and I was looking to get something faster

I noticed a company called community fibre have fibred up my area and my street can get up to 3gbps up and down with them so was thinking of switching until an Openreach solution is available in my area. 

The question I have is as its all their own equipment and infrastructure, if I go with them, I'm assuming the switching process back to an or solution isn't the same or as easy as switching broadband at the moment. What happens to all the wiring they do at my property and into my house? Can future Openreach fttp providers use the same thing or will it be a case of them having to remove it and the new provider putting in their own wiring inside my property?

Bit confused at the mo and not sure if I should make the switch or just suck it up and wait a few years rather than go with an unknown/non OR infrastructure provider.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Switching from non OR fttp (community fibre) to OR fttp

No single answer, you would have to ask this other provider how they serve the property, they could excavate and provide a new separate connection to your home , they may use Openreach duct ( if duct exists and they have an access arrangement with OR ) and place their cable alongside the OR one…internally everything will be ‘new’, they shouldn’t touch what exists, and makes no difference to any future OR upgrade, although possibly makes it less likely 
There won’t be a switching process as such, and unless the same phone number is required , they may not provide a telephone service, or they may offer to port the number , these again are questions you would need to ask them, as not all ‘alternatives networks’ work in the same way….you may have to cancel your BT services yourself , rather than rely on them to serve notice on your behalf.
As far as stay or leave, only you can answer that one .

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Re: Switching from non OR fttp (community fibre) to OR fttp

Alt Nets can use a Service Called, PIA. Physical Infrastructure Access.

This is where they can put their Cabling/Equipment on Openreach’s Network and pay a rental to do so.

They may however install their own Network Infrastructure like their own Ducts/Joint Boxes/Telephone Poles

If it’s the latter Openreach can not use the Alt Nets Network Infrastructure.

Also they can’t use each other’s Cabling Equipment, etc so if/when you had Openreach FTTP Installed they would come and put all their own Cabling, CSP and ONT in.

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