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Switching off ONT

Back when I had regular broadband, I remember if I switched my router on and off regularly, then speed would drop as it was as if the line was unstable.

Is there an equivalent of the ONT is powered down regularly?


Over the last 3 weeks, my fibre 900 speed has dropped by 2/3 and I’ve tried different solutions to fix it on my own with no success. The ONT being switched off while changing things around is one part of what I’ve had to do

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Re: Switching off ONT

@OneManTagTeam  No, that won’t effect speeds in the same way. In the early days of Fibre900 the FTTP team used to use it in combination with resetting the SH2 to fix speed issues but it never made any difference for me. My solution was an ONT replacement after several other things were tried but the ONT wasn’t faulty (Openreach engineer ran a full suite of diagnostics). I think the BT infrastructure treated the replacement ONT as a new installation and that fixed it. I hope you get it fixed.

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Re: Switching off ONT

As said above it won’t affect your speed between the Head End and ONT. You can switch ONT’s on/off as much as you like.

It will be seen at the far end, the ONT losing Sync but as it’s just yours going off on that PON then it won’t set alarm bells off, that would only happen if all the ONT’s on the same PON went off at once.

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Re: Switching off ONT

Seems switching it off for a day did work.

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