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Sync Problem in Latest BT Cloud Mac Update

We are having such a problem with the latest BT Cloud App update for the Mac. It is trying by default to save all the folders onto each device, which is making the computers unusable. When this is changed manually on the sync tab (which normally is remembered), the folders do not delete but remain on the computer when unticked.

This means you have to complete all deletion manually after unselecting the box and this leaves me worried that changes will happen in the cloud and I will lose data. 

Also, syncing takes a long time when simply moving items from one folder to another. It says "sync complete" but I know that 1 GB is still left to sync. Items are been moved to the deleted items folder on the online version when they simply should have been moved. 

On the phone, I was advised to use the browser to upload items to the cloud. This is not a solution given that small files (under 500MB) cannot be uploaded this way. Please could someone provide a solution in an app update as soon as possible. 

I would appreciate someone getting in touch so I can explain the details of this problem. 

Before this update, we have not had a problem with the BT cloud on this magnitude.  

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Re: Sync Problem in Latest BT Cloud Mac Update


Thanks for posting, please see other recent complaints since 20.3.10 Cloud. Perhaps BT will soon take note.Mine is similar to your, running all latest S/W but after a week was told that's how the new works, and with no dash board.

Also find in recent post a link from moderator which at least can take you back to previous version, until it is sorted.

You never know it might have Covid 19 





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Re: Sync Problem in Latest BT Cloud Mac Update


It’s just terrible. All the files are trying to download at the same time when only a few folders are selected. Downloading the older version now. It seems that the users know more about cloud software than BT. Phoned up and they were talking about iCloud and Apple. Found myself explaining how a cloud actually works. Appalling service. Now having to go through all the process again. 

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Re: Sync Problem in Latest BT Cloud Mac Update


Thanks for reply. I note on this new version my back up option to tick is pictures as a complete folder, and no way to back up individual folders in that category.

Like you say disgraceful in todays age, and even more when you cannot talk direct to the team, rather than Chinese whispers approach.

My cloud has locked up again today, in a different way to Wed. Awaiting another call back, after the gent passing on to the cloud team. Think I will D/L and install old 17 version till they sort out.



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Re: Sync Problem in Latest BT Cloud Mac Update

I tried installing the older version but the latest created such a clog that it became impossible to use. 

Think I have a solution but it has taken two days now. Really fed up. 

Thanks for your help. Hopefully we get a solution. The lady on the phone told me it could be the end of next week.

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