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TPLink Archer A2U Plus only getting 150-230 mbps on 5Ghz with BT Fibre 500.

Hi everyone,

I recently joined BT and got the Fibre 500 package with the Black Friday deal and it's been a blast, but I recently noticed that I'm only getting about 200 mbps at most on my WiFi connection. 

A bit of background: I use a TPLink Archer A2U Plus which supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz on my desktop PC which I use for gaming, streaming, etc. I've disabled 2.4Ghz on my BT Hub to make sure that it forces my connection to be on 5Ghz. I also have a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop from work that easily gets the full 500 mbps when I put my laptop on top of my desktop. For some reason, when I go into Control Panel and go onto the WiFi status window it shows under Speed that the TPLink adapter has the capability to go up to 350 mbps (still not the full 500, but miles better than 200 mbps), but it keeps plateauing at 200 mbps on speedtests. 

I've got the strongest possible signal and installed and reinstalled the latest drivers, checked the Hub itself, checked the TPLink device's properties in Device Manager, etc, but nothing seems to work or have any sort of impact. 

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