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Text message receipt delays

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For the past several days I have experienced serious delays to receipt of Bank authentification code text messages, resulting in failure of financial transactions. Several instances of failed transmission resulted in receipt of the message 4 hours after initiation by the bank. Such codes remain valid for a mere 3 - 10 minutes resulting in verification failure.

I have confirmed that the problem does not lie with the bank system by testing a simple mobile to mobile text message which was received 90 minutes after  initiation.

I have not amended any settings on the mobile phone which might conceivably affect text receive times. The mobile phone is a Samsung Galaxy J3 which has received such codes and other text messages satisfactorily for several years.

A BT Help suggestion is to send a 'reset' signal to 00000. This has been attempted twice, resulting in 'failure' on both occasions.

Any suggestions to solve this frustrating problem would be gratefully received.



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Re: Text message receipt delays

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Hi, @jcbhydro I'm really sorry to see you're text messages are delayed as I can appreciate the inconvenience this must be causing you. I'd recommend checking this link to see if there are any service issues affecting your area 

If there are no I'd recommend calling 150 from your BT mobile to report a fault and we'll get that looked into.



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Re: Text message receipt delays

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Thank you Neil for your comments,

Without any action from me the problem seems to have resolved itself. Since my original post, and a further week of frustration, I have received several successful and immediate code transmissions. I would conclude that the cause must have been a local issue.


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Re: Text message receipt delays

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Hi @jcbhydro,

Thanks for getting back to us.

It's great to see that this is now fixed and everything is working for you.


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