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The end of the proper landline system

When we are forced out of our existing very good landline system ( )  in the next few years against our will presumably at least these 2 things will be much worse and nothing will be better:


1. I have landline 'phones in 3 downstairs rooms and 4 upstairs so 7 physical phones for the home number (and one downstairs for my separate work number). I presume that all goes by 2025 so instead of access in seven rooms I will have access in only one.  I will be running around the large house like a cat on hot bricks chasing down 2 flights of stairs all over the place to catch the phone calls. How awful. How much worse.


2. If we have a power cut (or if my BT broadband cuts out as it does at least once a day albeit briefly) there will be no telephone line operational at all. This is much much worse than currently where we have the benefits of separate services. Power down - no problem, my 2 separate landline numbers and BT accounts both still work. 2025 - whole new world of appalling connectivity, no emergency service and if power is down you could be there for days with no ability to call for help.


3. My internet cuts off once a day at least - already done so today for 2 minutes already - but my lovely telephone service on my 2 separate landline numbers never cuts out. We  will be moving from a very reliable service to a much much worse one which depends on all kinds of things such as wifi,  how many other people are using broadband at once and all kinds of things.


4.  The new services will not accept reserve charge calls. Yet I am the landline point of contact day or night 24/7 with the home landline number few know for the whole family whether stranded in a Brazilian prison or Australian rain forest - they all know they can reverse the charges and get through to the landline by my bed night or day. That will totally disappear with the new worse services by 2025.


5. Currently I have 3 BT landline numbers - one is my work number with broadband on it too. Presumably with that I just plug the phone currently in the wall into my BT modem and it all works and sounds just as clear as now - only phone is in my office. The second - the home number is more complex with its 7 extensions around the house and the second broadband account for which I pay is on  a different telephone number which comes into the house via a modem on the 3rd floor and provides broadband upstairs on that side of the house. I need in my office a landline home number telephone but not the modem there. The modem needs to stay upstairs to get signal upstairs so plugging in the home phone up there is useless. I really just  want to keep the 7 handsets around the house for that home number but particularly want one by my bed and in my office as now. I cannot see how that is going to be remotely possible.


These terrible problems are just the start of what is going to be about 1000% worse than the current service. I can see nothing at all that will be better.

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Re: The end of the proper landline system

Add to this many current business and house alarms will no longer dial up to maintain contact with alarm monitoring companies.
In my old house i had ADT, I lost internet several times , but the house alarm continued ok , if I lost the analogue line it beeps when phone line goes down continually until it returns and is reset .
If you ever tried to sleep through the loudest beep in the world every 10 seconds , you’ll realise how close to insanity you can get.
I hope we are not going to be billed to replace our home alarm systems?

In a power cut you can still use the analogue phone , it is dangerous to remove this!
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Re: The end of the proper landline system

Exactly. I have been reading more about this today and it still seems terrible and yet I have had nothing from BT yet about it. I believe Virgin may be going to provide power packs but only for old people without mobiles for emergency care after the switch over.

BT seem to be saying online that most business can keep their current numbers (which is the top of the list issue for me). However I have many other issues eg I want the existing handsets on all the telephone numbers and I want the existing reliability.
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Re: The end of the proper landline system

  • I have had to have the new digital line broad band went down for 2 days. By answe use your mobile NO signal where I live. Bring back the copper line
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Re: The end of the proper landline system

So BT should spend countless millions maintaining a phone system that’s already years outdated and have the added cost of running a full fibre network parallel to it forever or just until those that don’t like change pass over to the the other side if you know what I mean……………..

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Re: The end of the proper landline system

Yes I agree  but when you are told a mobile should be used if the broadband goes down what do you do if like me you live in an area with no signal and with a registered disabled wife who I my need to make a 999 call on her behalf. A poorly  thought out update. The small hub that is sent also doesn’t work as it needs a Wi-Fi signal. A signal booster would cost me £345 why should we pay for this?

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Re: The end of the proper landline system

The 999 point is a bit moot, in emergency situations you can connect without a signal as the networks agreed to share, ie "emergency calls only"

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Re: The end of the proper landline system

I would suggest you read this post which may help solve some of problems especially ability to continue to use existing phone setup with a small wiring adjustment. Of course you can always just keep the DV  phone with you save running about trying to find a phone


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Re: The end of the proper landline system

It's called Technology, you just need to move forward and stop moaning.

Did you contact ofcom and complain when the television service switched to digital and you were forced to get a new television or purchase a set top box? 

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Re: The end of the proper landline system

You have not read my last message!!

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