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Transferring Contacts to new BT8500 Base Station

I have had to replace the Base Station for my BT8500 system.

Registering the handsets to the new Base Station wipes out the contacts that I can see on the handset.

But I haven't registered all my handsets.  

Can I transfer the contacts on the unregistered handsets to the new base station?


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Re: Transferring Contacts to new BT8500 Base Station

Hi @trevor34smith welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

I took a quick look at the BT8500 user guide and I can't see anything that indicates that is possible to transfer the contacts to a new base. It did mention the contacts are stored on the base station and added to any new handsets registered, as the base is being changed it very likely means the contacts will have to be added again manually. 😞



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Re: Transferring Contacts to new BT8500 Base Station

Thanks for that Neil.

But what you say is actually only half correct.  I had 5 handsets linked to my old base station and I registered 3 of them to the new station and that did indeed wipe those handsets of their old contacts.

But the other 2 handsets still possess all the old contact details.

So I was hoping that there might be someone "out there" who had solved this problem previously, even tho' there isn't any guidance in the User Guide.

Regards,  Trevor

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Re: Transferring Contacts to new BT8500 Base Station

@trevor34smith Morning Trevor.

I understand, the problem being that as soon as you register the next two handsets they will automatically download the contacts from the new base station, as there are no contacts on the new base they'll be wiped from the handset. 

I don't believe there's a workaround to enable what you'd like to do, sorry.



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Re: Transferring Contacts to new BT8500 Base Station

I'm awaiting receipt of a new base for the BT 8500 and so interested in this question. After reading this, I've gone through all my contacts and handwritten them plus their numbers. A lengthy task but looks like it might be worthwhile.

I also have a couple of text messages I'd like to save. Is there any way of doing that before they get deleted.

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Re: Transferring Contacts to new BT8500 Base Station

Witing all the numbers down and then entering into a new - or old but linked to the new base station - is exactly what I had to do.  As you say a very lengthy process.

I didn't have any text messages on my phone so I can't help with that problem.

If any of the numbers you want to enter have the same area code as yourself, if you don't include the area code when they phone you, your phone will show who is calling but won't let them straight through.  Well, that was my experience anyway.

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