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Trying to get date for Ultrafast

BT customer for over 20 years, got tired of waiting for high speeds so swapped to Virgin cable 18 months ago.

My contract with Virgin is up in January 2022, and would like to come back to BT if Ultrafast is going to be available soon rather than sign another 18 months with Virgin (who's service has actually been excellent, customer service not so good).

Really need a date when it will be available to my address in Bedford, or will just stay with Virgin on a long contract to reduce costs.

Once you've had a 350/400 connection you never want to go back to a copper wire at 50.

All I can find on the interweb is between April 2021 and April 2024

Openreach were pulling new cables underground recently in my street

Can anyone on here or can the Mods pin down a closer date for me on availability of the new 900 service? And yes already tried all the Openreach checkers. I got those dates above from the Openreach building map



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Re: Trying to get date for Ultrafast

if there is nothing when using your address on dslchecker then only openreach will have an idea when your area is likely to get FTTP

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Re: Trying to get date for Ultrafast

I'm afraid nobody here will have any further information. It is entirely in the hands of Openreach, BT Retail will have no more knowledge of their plans than any other broadband supplier.

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Re: Trying to get date for Ultrafast

Already used that link as I posted above
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