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Trying to set up Norton Password Manager

I am trying to set u the Norton Password Manager and it is asking for a Partner Code. Can anyone help.

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Re: Trying to set up Norton Password Manager

Hi @CB24 you need to type BT when asked for the partner code. I've included all the steps to follow below.

  1. Log in to My BT
  2. Select Your Security in the top menu bar
  3. Find the Norton Password Manager tile and select Switch to Norton
  4. If you are using Password Manager for the first time, click Activate
  5. Follow the instructions to install a browser extension

Once installed, on the Norton Password Manager screen:

  1. Choose Sign in with Service Provider
  2. When asked for a Partner Code, type BT
  3. Click Next. You will then be asked to Confirm your service provider is BT
  4. Log in to My BT again to Create your vault password
  5. You must create a strong password and remember this to be able to access your vault in future