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Unable to do speedtest on SH2 and slow speeds

Hi over the last few months I've been getting the following error message when trying to do a speed test on my Smart Hub2:

" We couldn't test your speed. We can't see your Hub online so we're not able to run a speedtest for you at the moment." This is on a full fibre (FTTP) connection. I have done the "disconnect and power down the ONT and Hub for five minutes" routine several times.

My speeds are below the minimum guarantee and have been for well over a year, despite an engineer visit and him saying that "Your profile is mismatched between Openreach and BT, you should be be able to get a gig here" after doing my line speed test. 

exc speed.jpgAnyone have any ideas??


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Re: Unable to do speedtest on SH2 and slow speeds

I had exactly that same message just last night but instead of restarting my hub etc I just acknowledged it (the message) & started over and it worked 2nd time around.

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