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Unable to remove NowTV Entertainment pass from BT TV


I have called the BT TV team and have asked that the NowTV Entertainment pass is removed my service.

I am on a £12.54 BT TV package and have requested to go to BTTV essential. I am in contract and have 11 months remaining on BTTV.

I was told that I cannot remove the Now TV entertainment pass while in contract by the BTTV sales team on 0800 800 150 today. 

My understanding was that I can swap out Now TV passes once a month as long as I continue to at least pay for BT TV essential and this is what I understand from here:

Which is the correct understanding?


Confused Customer (of 25 years standing!)

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Re: Unable to remove NowTV Entertainment pass from BT TV

You can swap the NowTV passes monthly as they are premium subscription channels, you're wanting to remove all of that and downgrade, as you're in contract the system won't allow it, you're contracted to pay for the NowTV content for 11 months from your post.

Upgrades can be done anytime, downgrades are when you're out of contract or nearing the end and in the recontracting window.