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Unable to send a "saved" message from drafts

(For the record running under Windows 10 with all updates applied)


Suddenly, today, the following problem has occurred:

- create a new email  ... and "save" it so that it goes into Drafts and then close the new email window

- select Drafts folder  ... the "new" email is present

- select and open the "new" email  and, in order to amend it OR to send it, click "Keep composing message"  and the email window opens with contents ready to be edited exactly as when it was being written.

from this point onwards  the following buttons do not work

  ... "Save" to save any changes you make

... "Send" and "Discard"  - so it is impossible to send it

... the "X" in the top right of the email window so it is NOT possible to close the window

- the only way out of this appears to close BT Mail  and start again

The problem also applies even if the email is one that is being forwarded or replied to and saved before it is sent.   

Therefore, effectively  you can no longer save an incomplete email in Drafts, pick it up again and then send it.

I have every day for the last year been creating emails, parking them in drafts and sending them some time later without any problems 


Any ideas welcome

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Re: Unable to send a "saved" message from drafts

I don't use webmail, but as a test I have managed to re-create the problem and confirm it happens with both Firefox and Opera browsers.

I will alert the mods to the problem to raise with the email team. They will pick it up in the morning now.

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Re: Unable to send a "saved" message from drafts

I have tested again this morning …. the problem appears to have been resolved.


Thanks to licquorice for confirming there was a problem!

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Re: Unable to send a "saved" message from drafts

Hi @John_B  & @licquorice 

Thanks for your posts.

Sorry for the problems you had sending or saving the composed emails from the draft folder.  We identified this issue last night and we've fixed it so everything should be working for you now.

Thanks again for taking the time to post.