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Unifi + BT FTTP (900)



I am moving to a new house and I booked BT FTTP 900 deal to be installed. Engineer will visit after we move in. 

curently I’m with virgin. 

I have a unifi setup (2 nanoHD, 3 switches , gateway, UCK)


I am not familiar with BT but obviously I don’t want to use their router and want to minimalise the use of their equipment. 

I am also unfamiliar with the network BT provides but I guess it will be PPoE? 

Will I be just given the name and password and I can use the unifi gateway to connect? 

please tell me it will be this simple. 

I am from Hungary and FTTP connections are only an Ethernet cable to the property and they connect over PPoE. 

What else should I get ready for? 


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Re: Unifi + BT FTTP (900)


Provided you do not want a phone connection from BT Retail, then you can use any router you wish. Authentication is PPPoE with a generic login for all connections. 

If you need a BT phone number, then you have to use the BT Smart Hub 2.

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Re: Unifi + BT FTTP (900)

Wow, great to hear. No i ticked i don't want a phone line. Thanks!

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Re: Unifi + BT FTTP (900)

username of

Password BT

Even though you are not using a home hub.

You will still be sent a BT Smart hub 2, just keep it somewhere safe as you may need it for fault finding with BT, and its their property anyway.