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Upgrade from FTTC to FFTP

Hi All,

I have recently been made aware that full fibre (FTTP) is available in my area.

I went through and upgraded but when the openreach engineer came out, within 30 mins he informed me there was a blockage in the duct which would require a dig team to clear. 

The issue here is that they would need to dig on fairly newly laid tarmac (4 months) so I ended up cancelling the order and keeping FTTC in the meantime. I have a few questions

1. Are openreach able to reroute the fibre cable possibly under the garden instead of using the driveway? Or would overhead be an option?
2. When using a dig team do they do a good job and put everything back to the way it was before digging, anyone have any complaints with the job they have done when digging? They would need to dig tarmac and lift off slabs as well.

Unfortunately I can only go through BT and they cant answer these questions properly for me so I was hoping someone on here may have went through a similar experience.

Jonny Kernaghan



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Re: Upgrade from FTTC to FFTP

I doubt Openreach will provide new duct from the joint box to your home ( due to the expense ) so excavating on the existing duct and clearing the stoppage ( that may well have been caused by whoever laid the new tarmac ) is probably the only option , if the area isn’t currently served by telegraph poles they are not going to put one up , your neighbours probably would thank you for that anyway, and as far as reinstatement they would fill in the hole they created , so chances are a visible ‘scar’ in the tarmac would be left ( in other words they would not replace the entire area that has been recently laid ) this is pretty much a standard reinstatement and would look like any other reinstatement in tarmac .

Not sure what you mean ‘unfortunately I can only go through BT ‘ , are you currently a BT customer ?

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