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Upgrade from Fibre 100 (gFast) to Fibre 250 (gFast) - no change

When I logged on last Saturday to see my bill there was the offer to upgrade my service from Fibre 100 to Fibre 250 with speeds of upto 220Mb/s. I thought I would do this for the extra speed and signed up. The upgrade was planned for the early hours of this morning (8th December).   However when I log into my account the package has changed under My Products which states 29/238Mb/s speed on Fibre 250.  Prior to the upgrade I have had 29/159Mb/s for many months and after the upgrade I have exactly the same speed.

Have I missed something here as the line speed is in spec for both Fibre 100 and Fibre 250, but I would have expected an increase with the upgrade?

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